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    TSL Recruitment is an award-winning recruitment agency for a reason. We have built a reputation for offering a friendly, high-quality and customer-focused service and for working with consistency, integrity and attention to detail.
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    Choosing your next career move is one of the most important decisions you make. For some people it is exciting, for others daunting. However you approach the process, TSL Recruitment is there to support you every step of the way.
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We are TSL Recruitment. An award-winning national recruitment agency specialising in Secretarial, Admin, Customer Service, HR, Sales and Marketing, IT, Management and Executive roles.

Whether you are looking for a talented new recruit, or making your next career move, our experienced, professional and friendly team are on hand to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And as a member of TEAM, the UKs largest association of independent recruiters, we are part of an unparalleled network of experienced recruitment professionals; enabling us to find exactly the right role or individual, for our clients, every time.


Born of a passionate belief that everyone has real talent and will shine in the right role, at TSL we listen to what matters most to our clients and work hard to match the most compatible candidates with each vacancy. For us, success is helping a business to grow or a career to blossom. Our long-standing relationships with both candidates and employers tell us we’re achieving this aim.

We are respected for our knowledge, high standards and thorough processes - and valued for our friendly and customer-focused approach. And because we get to know our clients, we become trusted advisors; helping to grow businesses, over many years, through the recruitment and training of talented individuals and through supporting candidates in building rewarding, long-term careers.

Why not call us today and let’s meet for a coffee to discuss how we can help you recruit, use or grow your talent too?


Latest News

  • Changes to pensions auto-enrolment +

    Important guidance for employers Workplace pensions law is changing and every employer will have to act. From October 2012, new legislation will require employers to automatically enrol their staff in pension schemes. Read More
  • Top tips for interviews +

    You’ve found the perfect role for you. You’ve sent us your CV and (impressed by your skills, experience and attitude) the employer has offered you an interview. How do you make sure that you stand out from the crowd and impress the interviewer enough to secure that role for yourself? Our ten top tips will help you get interview-ready and raring to go. Read More
  • Candidates finding permanent jobs rise in March... +

    ...but there were fewer placements for temps. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG Report on Jobs – published today (11th April 2012) – shows that increasing number of candidates found permanent jobs in March but there were fewer placements for temps. You can read the article here. Read More
  • When is using 'senior' or 'junior' in job advertisements discriminatory? +

    We all know that language in adverts for jobs must not be discriminatory on the grounds of age (or indeed on the grounds of any other protected characteristic). But what of the all important descriptions 'senior' and 'junior'? Read More
  • Extra Extra Read all about it.. Online! +

    With an enormous array of online capabilities on Mac's, Tablets, Laptops, Androids and Iphones, and a more global, socially online society than ever before, we can provide you with an answer the public should know – Yes, we have arrived on the social media platform! Our multi-accredited recruitment agency is now available across a host of online social media platforms. Long gone are the days of communicating with faxed and printed material (this is 2013, time for a reality check!) So if you want to hear the latest news and updates, listen to what the public is saying, see the latest gossip, check-in with our team and much, much more, then our new range of social media platforms can make this happen for you. Read More
  • The Future for Performance Management Starts Here +

    Along with the understandable dread of performance reviews from employees, a lack of confidence for the usual review process has also occurred. In a recent survey by Globoforce and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) figures have suggested that  45% of HR leaders don't think performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employees' work, and 42% don't think that employees are rewarded fairly enough for their job performance. From these findings it's clear that a new approach to performance management needs to be taken.   Read More
  • Are you really Wonder Woman or Superman? +

          The importance of needing advice. Before you read on I would like you to do me a small favour. I want you to do take a moment to think about your business. Humour me, take a pause and consider your business in general terms and see what comes into your head. Done that? OK. The chances are that you started thinking about a wide range of things. Maybe it was something about your new marketing campaign or current production issues. Perhaps that niggling development issue with an employee or even the annoying dripping tap in the office kitchen came to mind. Truth is I have no way of knowing what you thought about, but I would bet good money on one thing, you most likely thought of yourself as being at the centre of your business. Read More
  • Why more women need to be in the boardroom and why they need to do more than fetch the coffee. +

    Occasionally I see something that really makes me worry. I noticed in the news that a recent report suggests that if the UK enabled more women to work it would have a huge effect on our economic development. In fact they point out that this could increase our GDP by up to 10%. Wow, isn’t that an amazing number? Read More
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